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We review WordPress Themes, Plugins, Hosting and services to help you understand all the features, their purposes and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We establish our Versus and Top according to the reviews we create. This allows us to compare WordPress themes, plugins, hosting or services between them, based on their features, price, user experience and customer support. We don’t accept any incentive to highlight a product, our reviews are 100% legit.

It is actually very difficult and time-consuming to find the right solution for your WordPress website. Most of the time it happens to hesitate between 2 or 3 plugins, hosting or themes and it’s hard to choose. With our Versus and Top articles, you can save a lot of time and make a decision quickly.

Our website WPbomb is aimed at entrepreneurs, managers and decision makers. You will be able to find the right WordPress product depending on your needs and your criteria because we can’t advise the same type of WordPress product for every people.

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